Branch Accountant

Branch Accountant

1-Trading orders for the supply period.
2-Once the branch receives the materials and services (whether directly from a supplier or from the supply center) the request for access, application and application of its validity for use.
3-Disbursing the materials required from the branch administration for the production line.
4-Take an inventory of the remaining materials spent at the end of the day, shortage and more.
5-An inventory of the goods inside the branch at the end of the month.
6-Pay attention to warehouse arrangement and ensure times and shortcomings.
7-Bring amounts (exchange) to be disbursed to the cashier.
8-Distribution of exchange to cashier every shift.
9-Closing the sales of cashiers for cashiers and matching them with delivery, bank and cash systems, receiving cash from them, and determining the shortage and abundance.
10-Depositing cash received from cashiers in the bank or central fund of the department.
11-Preparing salary sheets at the end of the month (deficit, overpayment, and future meals.
12-Recording the movements of (ordering the goods - receiving the goods - disbursing the goods) on the SABB program.
13-Sales report report, I saw each cashier from the reality of the Aloha program and delivery programs.
14-Preparing reports who import the goods directly to the branch.
15-Other related work entrusted to him.

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