Marketing Researcher

Marketing Researcher

1-Collect data on consumers and competitors and incorporate it into actionable elements and reports.
2-Understand business goals and design surveys to discover potential client preferences.
3-Collecting and analyzing statistical data using modern and traditional methods.
4-The performance of a valid and reliable SWOT market analysis.
5-Interpret data, formulate reports, and provide recommendations and suggestions.
6-Use market research, results, and database setup.
7-Provide competitive analysis of market offers for different companies.
8-Determine market trends, pricing and sales models.
9-Evaluate program methodology and key data to ensure the accuracy of existing data.
10-Insight into market trends and marketing research and implement best practices.
11-Work in preparing marketing studies on two parallel lines
12-Determine the company's competitive position and elements of strength and turmoil surrounding future sales development.
13-Taking care to obtain information about the market and economic conditions in coordination with the Sales Department, then analyzing this information in terms of the 14-size of each market and its characteristics and the geographical division of the markets.
15-Performing any other specific duties requested by the management.

  • Job Features
    medical insurance

    Two days vacation

    Social Insurance

  • Job Conditions
    1- You must have a good knowledge of Excel, Word and Porpyat programs

    2- Speak tactfully

    3- Those with the ability to analyze data and prepare reports are preferred

    4- Those with previous experience are preferred to conduct field interviews with clients
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